One of only six attractions in Nashville to receive the coveted AAA Gem Rating

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“Whatever anybody needs to know about my dad that they don’t know already is in that museum.”

Cindy Cash, Johnny Cash’s Daughter


“I’ve seen a lot of museums around the world.  A world class collection of items that tells the story of Cash’s life.  I was blown away by how well it is put together. It’s first class and you will see, you can mark my words, this will become one of the major tourist attractions for Nashville.”

Former Vice President Al Gore


"When I went through the museum, it just captivated my every thought.  It was so real, and so classy, that I almost felt that just around the corner, the Man in black would rise, again, from his easy chair, and give me a big old bear hug.  I dearly loved that man.  I will go back to the museum again when I have time to really listen to and read all of the wonderful collection pieces.”

Duane Allen - The Oak Ridge Boys


"I believe he would be excited about this, and believe in. I think this offers a true picture of my father, and shows a deeper insight into his spirit and who he really was."

John Carter Cash - Johnny Cash’s Son


"There's so much to comprehend. I knew all of the memorabilia was somewhere, but to see it all in one building is an awesome experience. I could spend a week in here and probably not see every single thing. It's something that people that come to Nashville from all over the world will want to see."

Tommy Cash - Johnny Cash’s Brother


“I really enjoyed walking through this treasure chest full of memorabilia. The history is amazing and the stories that went with each item really helped sum up his life.”

Ashton Shepherd - Look It Up, Takin’ Off This Pain, Sounds So Good


“An extraordinary collection!”

Peter Cooper - Tennessean


“The audience can feel the vision, spirit and music of the Man in Black all over again.”

Chuck Dauphin -


“The new Johnny Cash Museum is awesome. That’s it. Seven words.”

Bobby Karl - Music Row


“A display that’s particularly impressive”

Tom Roland - Billboard Country Update


“The museum contains an impressive collection of artifacts that allow the visitor to experience all these aspects of Cash's life.

Brian Tipton -


“I was very impressed with design of the exhibits at the new Johnny Cash Museum. I saw a lot of innovation in the exhibit design and in the presentation of the technology. I really liked how the iPads were incorporated into the presentation. One of my favorite sections was the small viewing area with the Johnny Cash film playing on the American flag. The museum does a wonderful job of interpreting the life of one of America’s greatest entertainers, the late Johnny Cash.”

Mary Skinner - Community & Media Relations, Tennessee State Museum


“I loved the museum and it moved me with a lot with various emotions. Johnny and June were the real deal and a true storybook of love and pain, with some great music thrown in. A real icon with more to say than even Hank Williams. It’s a must visit for any country fan, whether a Cash fan or not.ᅠ I only met him a few times whilst on tour in the UK, and never had the chance to interview him due to time and opportunity.”

Lee Williams - CMR Nashville, UK



"Nashville's new Johnny Cash Museum is a phenomenal showcase of the life and work of one of the country's most authentic and revered national treasures---in music or any other field."

Leigh R. Hendry - Director, External Affairs, TN State Museum


“Each artifact in the new Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tenn. — the 12th grade report card, the pair of tin cups from Folsom Prison, the tux he wore to the White House, the console on which he recorded his last song — has a tale to tell.”

Andrew Alexander - Atlanta Journal Constitution


“The Johnny Cash Museum is definitely a place to visit while in Nashville. As soon as you walk in the museum and are greeted with ‘Hi, I’m Johnny Cash,’ you are in for an experience that you won’t soon forget.”


“The Johnny Cash Museum is a country music paradise, as well as one of Nashville’s finest attractions. It is utterly fantastic and a must for any fan of Johnny Cash, the musician that is regarded as the greatest man in country music history. This museum garners 5 out of 5 stars.”

Markos Papadatos - Journalist

Digital Journal


“A sentimental journey through Mr. Cash’s life.”

Elaine Glusa - The New York Times


“Dynamic graphics and interactive displays make this a 21st-century examination of an icon whose career stretched from the early days of rockabilly to the digital download era.”

Michelle Jones - Evansville Living


“It’s very tastefully done, and they [Millers and Cash Family] should be very proud of it. I’m sure if Johnny Cash were still alive, he would enjoy this tribute to his life and music career.”

Patrice Majors - Focus on the 615


“A host of Cash memorabilia, curated by some of the nation’s greatest collectors and fans.”

Claire Gibson - Forbes Travel Guide


“Museums dedicated to just one country star haven’t exactly won the hearts of locals.  The new Johnny cash Museum is the exception.”

Margaret Littman - Nashville Lifestyles


“An amazing and intimate tribute to the ‘Man in Black.’ Kids unfamiliar with Cash as well as long-time fans will learn a lot no matter their age.”

Chad Young - Nashville Parent


“The world’s largest concentrations of his personal memorabilia and music”

Rachel Barrett - Southern Living


“Leave several hours to explore the sights and sounds you’ll find here.”

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